Book a Session with Me

While I no longer work with on-going coaching or consulting clients, I enjoy having one-off AMA sessions (Ask-Me-Anything). These sessions are a mix of coaching, consulting and mentoring and are based on the questions you submit before the session.

Session Topics & Expertise
  • Entrepreneurship: Starting and growing your own business based on your unique passions, preferences, skills and purpose.
  • Coaching Business: Building a profitable and sustainable online coaching business with $5k+ monthly income.
  • Productivity: Getting clear on your goals and priorities and making consistent progress towards them. Streamlining your life and business to carve out more time and energy for what matters most.
  • Mindset: Understanding, identifying and removing the limiting beliefs that hold you back from creating your dream life.
  • Content Creation: Generating content ideas, structuring content, creating high-quality content for your blog and podcast, writing on
  • Passive Income: Creating fully passive income products like online courses, ebooks and affiliate marketing.
  • Evergreen Marketing Strategies: How to automate not only the product delivery but also the traffic generation so the business is fully passive.
  • Human Design: Optimizing your life, work and energy as a Projector.

An AMA-Session with Liz costs $199 for 50 min on Zoom. The session can be cancelled up to 24 hrs before the booked time. After that, no refunds are possible.

If you are in London, in-person sessions are available at $250/hour or $750 for the entire afternoon & dinner.

How it Works

Click the button below to select a time slot for your AMA session and complete the booking and payment online. During the process, you can add your list of questions for the session. Alternatively, you can send the questions via email after the booking is completed. You will receive a booking confirmation with receipt, calendar invite and Zoom link.

If you can't find a time slot that works for you or are interested in an in-person session, please reach out to contact(at) to schedule your session.