My Vision & Mission

Since 2017 I am working on my personal goal to create complete Financial & Creative Freedom through a portfolio of digital niche content brands that are solely based on passive income streams and evergreen marketing strategies.

While I am well aware that ultimate freedom is freedom of (or even from) the mind independent of our situation and limitations - I have come to believe that assuming that any of our circumstances are fixed and forcing ourselves to accept them in the name of "that's just how things are" - is the most prominent sign of a mind trapped in illusion.

As the Serenity Prayer says:

"God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, courage to change the things I can, and wisdom to know the difference."

Unfortunately, we most often fail to understand the true difference between what can be changed and what must be accepted. In fact, what we choose to accept and believe about our life is what cements itself as its reality.

The reality I am choosing to create is one of Complete Freedom which means being able to do WHAT I want, WHEN I want, HOW I want and WHERE I want. Thus, I no longer work on anything that requires me to trade my time for money in any way. Instead, I am working on building a life and business that allows me to spend unlimited time with my loved ones and pursue my creative projects and spiritual explorations independent of financial goals. This allows me to follow my heart and intuition with pure intention and free from the distortions of the mind and most societal pressures so I can operate from a state of pure presence, flow and surrender.

Through documenting my journey on this website and in my sporadic email updates, I am hoping to show that the path of radically following your heart, purifying your intentions and walking your own path despite all of society's "SHOULDS", is not only possible but rewarding beyond what words can describe.

My Background

  • Bachelor Degree in Business & Economics from the University of Innsbruck (my hometown).
  • 5+ years in the Startup World supporting two Exits: Before starting my own business, I learned the tools of the trade at Home24 (part of Rocket Internet) in Berlin, helped grow & exit online marketplace app Duriana in Kuala Lumpur as the first non-tech employee and led the commercial department of digital health startup kiweno (Exit in 2019) as CCO.
  • Coaching Business: In 2017 I quit the startup world to follow my passion for self-development and become a Mindset & Productivity Coach. From 2017 to Mid 2019, I worked with over 140 clients from all over the world to achieve their goals with clarity, confidence, and focus. In addition to my private coaching practice, I was also a Mentor for 500 Startups where I coached founders on personal productivity, effective team management, and organizational efficiency. Even though I don't take on coaching clients anymore, I keep my coaching website online for reference.
  • Since Mid 2019: Full-Time Digital Creator & Entrepreneur. I now focus on what I do best and love most: writing, creating online courses and building a growing portfolio of digital niche content brands, all under the Refined Life Group.

My Path so Far

For all my life, I have felt a strong pull to create and build things from scratch. As a child, I would lock myself in my room for hours to do handicrafts I would later gift my family for Christmas or sell in front of our house. And once I knew how to write, I created my own magazine.

But then I grew up, studied business, worked in startups and disconnected from my creative power. I started to believe being creative meant drawing paintings and writing fiction. I started to believe building things meant coding apps. I started to believe being an entrepreneur meant coming up with an industry-disrupting idea, teaming up with a co-founder and raising funding from investors. And ultimately, I believed that the only way for me to make a living was to sell my time and work for someone else.

As time passed, the creative urge I had been suppressing for a long time started to call for attention. I felt an indescribable emptiness in the job I always thought was my dream job but felt incredibly exhausted and burnt out at the same time. So I quit my job in 2017 to build a life and business on my terms and reconnect with my creative power. I bootstrapped my coaching business while working as a waitress until client work could pay my bills. And when it finally did, I realized I had built the wrong business. While I loved the impact I was making with my clients, my soul longed for the freedom to create. My heart was in writing and building businesses instead of being booked up all week. I thought I had followed the call of my heart by becoming a coach but in fact I had just re-created another version of the jobs I had before because deep down I didn't believe I could make money with my creations alone and truly serving people meant working with them directly. Burnt out and unfulfilled, I took a big risk and quit my coaching programs after working with 147 clients and doing 437 coaching sessions without any other income streams in place.

Now, I am on the path of building a life and business that is truly aligned with who I am and how I want to live and work. This includes building a portfolio of content-based businesses (articles and online courses) around my 3 big passions: productivity, soul-based entrepreneurship and deep personal and spiritual growth. If you are interested in following my journey, stay tuned on this websites and my personal email updates.

Fun Facts about Me

I am an Austrian living in London and that's where my home and heart is...but since living in Kuala Lumpur for 3 years and tasting the sweet nectar of the digital nomad life, I like to escape the winter in the UK to warmer climates. My favourite places to live and work from are Berlin, Vienna, Kuala Lumpur, Bali, Chiang Mai, Innsbruck (my hometown) and Lisbon (so far).

I am a writer at heart. You might find the occasional video or podcast interview of me but you’ll always find the really good stuff in my articles, books or self-coaching courses. Writing has been extremely generous to me - not just in my personal journaling practice but also on Medium where I am grateful to have grown to 8k+ followers. I have tried most other (social media) platforms and content creation formats and none of them have truly worked for me, yet writing has always felt effortlessly.

My superpower is putting structure into things. My life is systemized and everything in my business is too. When things are nicely structured, my mind is at peace and my creativity flows. In a way, it's about creating the structure to be free.

Transparent and Honest: I can't lie. I am known for my facial expressions that tell exactly what is going on in my head. I can't hide it if am tried, bored, pissed off, hangry or cold.

I am an Essentialist. I love to keep things simple, eliminate distractions and focus on what really matters. When we don't prioritize our life, someone else will. I am a big fan of automating, optimizing, eliminating and outsourcing everything that is not in my zone of genius so I can focus on what I do best and enjoy most. My brand The Focused is all about sharing my passion for getting really clear on what personally matters to you and streamlining everything else. For me personally, feeling my best and creating my best work means removing almost everything from my life so I can focus on the few things I truly enjoy.

I do my best work and I am at my happiest when I am in a state of freedom & flow. I like to operate on a 90% free schedule.

I am an Introvert and a 6/2 Projector. I love deep conversations, working from home and need a lot of alone time to recharge.

When I am not writing articles, creating online courses or building automated processes for my business, you can find me at Spinning, Barre or Yoga classes, in deep conversations in a coffeeshop or wine bar, exploring London on foot or by bike, walking in nature while listening to podcast episodes, cooking up a storm for my friends, dancing to electro music, journaling, meditating and napping.