Hey, I am Liz!

About Me (Bio)

Hi - I am Liz Huber, a 30-year old Writer & Bartender based in London.

After getting my BSc in Business & Economics from the University of Innsbruck, I worked for multiple high-growth tech startups in Berlin, Vienna and Kuala Lumpur and discovered my passion for operations, processes and entrepreneurship. I helped exit two companies in senior management roles and then quit my job in 2017 to follow my passion for personal development and my desire for more freedom in my day to day life.

In the last 5 years, I have launched multiple projects in the personal development industry generating revenue through 1-on-1 coaching services, online courses, live trainings and affiliate marketing. On the marketing side, I focus heavily on content marketing through articles and podcasts. Coming from the venture-backed startup world, I've made a conscious choice to bootstrap my business without external investment by working as a bartender on the side which gives me the freedom to build my life and business exactly the way I want to.

I am deeply passionate about writing, passive income, personal development and systemizing everything in my life and business - and I have been lucky to create a career that encompasses all of those passions.

With all that I do, my personal mission is to help people create their own dream life and become their best self - and spread a whole lot of love in the process.

In my spare time, you can find me practicing my rollerdancing skills, sweating in boxing and spinning classes, going crazy on the dance floor, wandering and exploring, deep in conversation or deep in a book.


I started writing articles about personal development in 2017 and since then, I have been fortunate to grow to over 8k+ followers on Medium.com (one of the biggest blogging platforms worldwide) and reach over 2 Million views on my writing.

You can read all my past work on my Medium.com profile and I have listed a selection of my most successful articles below.

Top 10 Most Popular Articles of all Time:

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  8. 7 Foolproof Ways to Achieve Your Goals
  9. 8 Surprising Reasons You Are Not As Successful As You Want to Be
  10. Why my Schedule Looks the Same, Every Single Week

Private Sessions

I have worked with 150+ people in 400+ private sessions on all things personal growth and entrepreneurship.

If my work resonates with you and you'd like to dive deeper, I invite you to book a 90 min Private Zoom session.

How it Works: Click the booking link below, select a date and time and confirm the booking. I will send you a pre-session questionnaire so you can share some background and what you'd like to work on in the session.

Price: All sessions are value-based (except for a $20 booking fee). This means, after the session you can decide how much was worth to you.

What happens in the Session: Each session is 90 min long. We meet on Zoom (video or audio-only). Each session is unique and highly personalized. I use a mix of coaching, mentoring and business consulting methods. After the session, I will send you a quick summary email and any further resources mentioned.


If my articles (or other work) have positively impacted your life and you would like to support me, you can donate here. Thank you so much! :)

Get in Touch

You can get in touch with me directly at contact(at)lizhuber.co and I will do my best to get back to you within 2 working days.

Please note that our internship and apprenticeship programs are currently closed.