Hi, I am Liz Huber

I am a Digital Creator, Entrepreneur and Founder of the Refined Life Group.

In 2017, I quit my job to start an online business and pursue my dream of complete Financial & Creative Freedom. On this personal website and in my sporadic email updates, I document my journey to building a life and business I love and unconditionally trusting and following my heart.

About Me:

I am best known for my Medium articles (over 2 Million Views), my work as a Mindset & Productivity Coach and hosting The Confident Coach Club Podcast. After coaching 147 people and 437 coaching sessions on productivity, performance, mindset and business, I quit the coaching world in 2019 to exclusively focus on what I do best: writing, creating online courses and building digital content businesses.

Currently, I am working on a portfolio of digital niche content brands focused around my big passions for productivity, soul-based entrepreneurship and deep personal & spiritual growth:

  • The Focused: The Focused helps busy people get clear on what matters most to them, stay focused on their top priority goals and streamline everything else to gain back valuable time and energy.
  • The Confident Coach Club: The Confident Coach Club helps new coaches start and grow their business with online trainings, practical podcast episodes, templates and tools.
  • MindCoCoon: MindCoCoon helps people identify, understand and release the mental and emotional blocks holding them back from living the life of their dreams.

In all that I do, I only teach what I deeply know, thoroughly understand and have mastered in my own life/business. I always teach full systems instead of random hacks and timeless principles instead of fleeting trends.

You can find a complete overview of all my work at RefinedLife.group